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Mississippi judge drops probation for Black child, 11, sentenced for urinating in public

An 11-year-old Black child, Quantavious Eason, faced legal action in Senatobia, #Mississippi, after urinating in public last August. Initially arrested at the age of 10, Eason was charged with being a child in need of supervision, prompting a probation sentence and a requirement to write a report on #KobeBryant, the late #NBA legend.

However, Eason's mother refused to sign the probation agreement, arguing it treated her son as an adult, with terms like drug testing and an 8 p.m. curfew. The family's attorney, Carlos Moore, contended the arrest and sentence were racially motivated.

In a recent hearing, Judge Rusty Harlow dismissed the youth court petition against Eason, prompting plans for legal action against the city and #police officers. Moore emphasized the racially biased nature of Eason's treatment, suggesting a white child wouldn't have faced similar consequences.

The incident sparked controversy, with concerns raised about the lack of transparency in youth court proceedings. Senatobia's police chief acknowledged the mishandling of the situation, resulting in disciplinary actions against the officers involved. 

The dismissal of charges against Quantavious Eason sheds light on the deeply ingrained racial biases within our legal system, particularly concerning the treatment of Black youth. We must recognize the inherent injustice of subjecting children to punitive measures for minor infractions, especially when these actions disproportionately target marginalized communities.

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Link: NBCNews


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