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Minnesota County Agrees To $12.2M Settlement With A Black Man Who Lost Both Hands While Incarcerated

Minnesota's Scott County has agreed to pay a substantial $12.2 million settlement to Terrance Dwayne Winborn, a man whose tragic ordeal in their county jail resulted in the loss of both his hands, a heart attack, stroke, and painful skin lesions across his body. Winborn had been initially detained on suspicion of drunk driving but ended up suffering severe health consequences due to what his lawyers allege was negligence on the part of county jail officials.

Winborn's legal team stated that during his 39-hour confinement, jail officials failed to ensure he received the timely medical attention he urgently required, resulting in a bacterial infection that led to his heart attack and other permanent injuries. This case serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of inmates who rely on authorities for their medical care.

The $12.2 million settlement is intended to cover Winborn's existing medical bills, totaling over $2 million, which the county had previously not covered, as well as the ongoing costs of his care. The county's insurance plan will bear the financial responsibility for this settlement.

Jason Hiveley, an external attorney representing Scott County, confirmed the settlement agreement but did not specify whether the county accepted any wrongdoing. Winborn's attorneys showcased a video illustrating his struggles in adapting to life without hands, highlighting the profound impact on his daily existence.

Winborn's tragic journey began when he was arrested in August 2020 with a blood alcohol content above the legal limit. Despite displaying alarming symptoms, including extreme swelling in his hand, he did not receive the necessary emergency care until his condition deteriorated significantly.

Ultimately, Winborn's battle with necrotizing fasciitis, a rare flesh-eating bacterial infection, led to the amputation of his hands and part of his forearms. The complaint also revealed that crucial jail videos, potentially vital evidence, were destroyed due to officials' failure to preserve them, despite knowing the severity of Winborn's injuries and the potential for litigation.

Terrance Dwayne Winborn's $12.2 million settlement marks a pivotal step towards justice, shedding light on the urgent need for reform within our criminal justice system. Let this case ignite our commitment to ending neglect and advocating for the rights of all incarcerated individuals.

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Link: ABCNews


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