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Miguel Solorio Released From Prison After 25 Years For Wrongful Conviction in Drive-By Shooting

After spending 25 years in #prison for a crime he did not commit, Miguel Solorio has been released following a judge's order prompted by prosecutors acknowledging his wrongful conviction. At the age of 18, Solorio was arrested in 1998 for a fatal drive-by shooting in Whittier and subsequently sentenced to life in prison without parole. His release came after years of perseverance and effort from both Solorio and his wife.

The case against Solorio was marred by mistakes and false testimony by police, according to attorneys advocating for his release. The Northern California Innocence Project alleges that detectives fixated on Solorio as the sole suspect, manipulating lineups and ignoring other evidence and potential suspects.

Solorio, now free, expressed his appreciation for life's simple joys, citing walking his dog in the park and on the beach as meaningful activities. He emphasized the importance of perseverance and hope throughout the challenging 25 years he spent behind bars.

The Northern California Innocence Project's Sarah Pace highlighted procedural flaws in the investigation, noting that witnesses did not initially identify Solorio from the lineups presented by the police. She argued that police persisted until they secured an identification, disregarding other potential leads.

Solorio, optimistic despite the devastating years of imprisonment, is looking forward to celebrating Christmas at home as a free man—a moment he describes as almost surreal. Solorio's case is a testament to the urgent need for transformative change in our approach to criminal justice. We must work tirelessly to dismantle a system that allows for wrongful convictions, police misconduct, and procedural flaws to rob individuals of their lives and freedom.

Link: ABC7


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