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Mayor Randall Woodfin Suggests Black Athletes Leave State Alone If Anti-DEI Bill Passes

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin criticized Alabama legislators for introducing a bill, Senate Bill 129, aiming to ban teaching "divisive concepts" and diversity programs in public schools and universities. Woodfin condemned the bill on social media, suggesting he might encourage Black parents and athletes to seek education elsewhere if diversity and inclusion weren't prioritized. He likened the bill to Governor Wallace's segregationist stance, particularly incensed as it's Black History Month.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Will Barfoot and resembling past proposals, seeks to prohibit teaching that aligns slavery and racism with US founding principles and assigning blame based on race, among other restrictions.

Woodfin questioned the wisdom of restricting diversity promotion in higher education and called out state universities' leadership, athletic directors, and coaches, asking if they supported such limitations. He also appealed to minority athletes' parents, questioning if they'd want their children attending institutions discouraging staff diversity.

“Although I’m the biggest Bama fan, I have no problem organizing Black parents and athletes to attend other institutions outside of the state where diversity and inclusion are prioritized,” Woodfin said today on the X social media platform.

In his social media posts, Woodfin emphasized the importance of fair representation and opportunities for all. His criticism underscores the broader debate around diversity, inclusion, and education policy in Alabama.

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