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Mayor Eric Adams, accused of of overhyping crime and playing into right-wing narratives

The 2022 midterm elections next Tuesday are especially crucial for the future of the Democratic Party, specifically New York. Current NY Governor Kathy Hochul (D) has been accused of not being more proactive to slow crime in the state by Republicans, and her chance to maintain her seat is at stake because of these accusations. It is true that NY has been under scrutiny for its crime rates, but statistics have shown that those rates have significantly dropped despite the circulation of recycled reports propagated by right-wing outlets.

However, many NY Democrats attribute the amplification of inaccurate crime statistics to both overly prominent crime headlines, and to New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D). Several Democrats are concerned that Mayor Adams is playing into right-wing narratives that crime is still at an all-time high, as well as not putting enough effort into supporting Hochul considering his background as a former police officer and toughness on crime.

“The concern over crime is real. It is acute,” said Rep. Mondaire Jones, a progressive Democrat. “But once this election is over, I hope people have an honest conversation about how Democrats like Eric Adams have validated a hysteria over crime that is uninformed and that has been debunked.”

When it comes to public concern over issues such as crime, it's important to present facts as accurately as possible. However, both the overhyping of crime and downplaying its severity is a disservice to New Yorkers who want to be informed.


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