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Matthew Good Faces Assault Charge For Punching Seat-Belted & Handcuffed Suspect in King County, WA

A King County Sheriff's Office deputy, Matthew Good, is now facing a misdemeanor assault charge following an incident on March 5th. King County prosecutors allege that Deputy Good intentionally punched a suspect who was seat-belted and handcuffed inside a patrol vehicle. This punch was reportedly in response to the suspect kicking him. Recently, prosecutors filed a charge of assault in the fourth degree against Deputy Good.

The incident in question took place during a domestic violence call in the City of SeaTac, resulting in the arrest of David K. Teson. According to an affidavit, Deputy Good punched Teson six to eight times in the chest while he was in the back of a patrol vehicle. The investigation, conducted by the Des Moines Police Department, was initiated after Captain Koby Hamill of the King County Sheriff's Office Internal Investigation Unit requested an independent investigation into the incident.

Of the nine additional King County Sheriff's Office deputies who responded to the scene, opinions on the use of force varied. While two identified the incident as an unreasonable use of force, one did not express an opinion, and one believed the use of force was reasonable, while five reported not witnessing the use-of-force incident.

Meanwhile, David K. Teson is facing a felony charge of assault in the third degree for assaulting an officer during the same incident.


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