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Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial In Denver Have Pieces Stolen 

In Denver's City Park, the substantial #MartinLutherKingJr memorial fell victim to vandalism, prompting an investigation by local authorities to ascertain if racial bias motivated the act. The memorial, comprised of marble and bronze, notably includes the iconic "I Have a Dream" phrase. 

Thieves targeted several parts of the monument, including a bronze torch, an angel statue, and a panel depicting Black military veterans. Vern Howard, chair of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. #Colorado Holiday Commission, condemned the vandalism, emphasizing the resilience of their mission to combat racism and promote justice. The memorial, crafted by artist Ed Dwight in 2002, incorporates statues of other historical figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, and Frederick Douglass alongside King. 

The community was alerted to the vandalism by a concerned member. Despite the setback, Howard affirmed the commitment to honor Dr. King's legacy and continue the fight against discrimination and hatred.

News comes after 45-Year-old Ricky Alderete taken into custody in Kansas after dismantling and burning a bronze Jackie Robinson statue.

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Link: NBCNews


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