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Marrio Moore Was Buried Without His Family's Knowledge In Mississippi After Four Months

In a shocking revelation, a #Jackson, #Mississippi family discovered the death of their loved one, Marrio Terrell Moore, months after he was murdered. The family learned about the 40-year-old's death through a news article that exposed the Jackson police's failure to notify the public about dozens of homicides. Marquita Moore, Marrio's sister, was devastated to find her brother's name on a list of homicide victims, a fact previously undisclosed to the family.

Marrio had been bludgeoned to death on February 2, and his body remained unclaimed in the Hinds County morgue for months. Inmates at the county penal farm buried him in a pauper's field on July 14 without notifying his family. The situation mirrored another case where Dexter Wade, killed by an off-duty police officer, was buried in the same manner without his family's knowledge, sparking public outrage.

The Moore family sought explanations from the Jackson Police Department and Hinds County coroner's office. Recordings and documents obtained by NBC News revealed conflicting information and a lack of sufficient efforts to notify Marrio's family. Authorities claimed attempts were made, but the family denies receiving any notifications.

Moore, described as a loved and intelligent individual with a history of struggles, had a 20-year drug habit. The family expressed outrage at the mishandling of Marrio's body and the lack of communication, emphasizing the need for a system that ensures families are promptly notified of their loved ones' deaths. The family, devastated by the discovery and the subsequent handling of Marrio's remains, held a memorial without his body, expressing their deep pain and the failure of the system designed to support grieving families.

Our condolences go out to the family of Marrio Moore alongside other families in Mississippi who have endured the same traumatic experiences. Give us your thoughts in the comments.

Link: NBCNews


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