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Los Angeles Residents Affected By 2021 Botched LAPD Fireworks Explosion Still Can't Come Home

Over two years have passed since a disastrous fireworks explosion due to Los Angeles Police Department negligence devastated a South Central neighborhood. The accident transpired after the LAPD had seized thousands of pounds of illicit fireworks from a nearby residence. Despite multiple warnings from an explosives expert, the LAPD bomb squad chose to detonate the entire cache.

This calamitous decision resulted in 17 residents and first responders being hospitalized, the destruction of the bomb squad truck, and damage to over 30 properties and nearly 40 vehicles in the vicinity.

Recently, these affected individuals who have been without a home are taking their plea to the doorstep of Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass in Windsor Square. Ron Gochez from Union Del Barrio described the neighborhood as resembling a "war zone," with houses still boarded up and foundations shattered.

Residents, such as Nereyda Velasquez, expressed frustration at Mayor Bass's lack of response to their numerous attempts at contact, prompting their decision to protest at her residence. The city recently announced hiring additional contractors and approving $2 million in financial aid to expedite the recovery process. Mayor Bass's office issued a statement reaffirming their commitment to assist the affected families.

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Link: FoxLA


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