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Lawyers Want Body Camera Footage Of Ex-Police Sergeant Mark Oakley Following 14 Complaints Of Police Brutality

Lawyers are pushing for the release of body camera footage from ex-Warrenton Police Sergeant Mark Oakley, who was involved in alleged police misconduct. They represent 14 individuals claiming to be victims of Oakley's brutality, leading to his dismissal. So far, seven petitions have been filed for the footage, mostly requested for private viewing, with a lawsuit filed for one to be public. 

The issue has drawn wider attention, with expectations for more victims to come forward. The situation is particularly charged as all complainants are Black, highlighting concerns of racial discrimination. 

Oakley is under a state investigation for these complaints, following evidence, including video recordings of his aggressive behavior. Despite being fired, Oakley defends himself, hoping for the truth to surface. 

"We're not dealing with a race card, we're dealing with facts today. No one [who is] white has filed a complaint, it's been all Black people," a speaker said during a press conference. "He should not be allowed to work anywhere as an officer. Sooner or later he's going to kill someone because he's reckless, he's dangerous and he's a racist."

One victim, Dwayne Hicks, recounted a distressing encounter with Oakley, emphasizing the emotional toll.

"It's difficult for me to put into words the emotional trauma from the ordeal that took place," he said. "I'm just glad we have the support that we have."

Link: WRAL


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