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Lawyer Who Waved Assault Rifle At Protesters In St. Louis Protesters Wants Misdemeanor Wiped Off His Record 

Mark McCloskey, known for brandishing a gun at social justice demonstrators passing by his #StLouis home in June 2020, has petitioned a local judge to erase his misdemeanor conviction. McCloskey had previously pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fourth-degree assault in 2021 and was fined $750 for the incident, in which he and his wife, Patricia McCloskey, confronted protesters. #Missouri Governor Mike Parson later pardoned both of them.

The McCloskeys claimed they felt threatened by the demonstrators, who were on their way to protest outside the mayor's house amid nationwide protests following #GeorgeFloyd's killing by the police in #Minneapolis. They also argued that the protesters were trespassing on a private street. During the confrontation, Mark McCloskey appeared with an AR-15-style rifle, while Patricia McCloskey brandished a semi-automatic pistol, as outlined in the indictment.

Missouri law mandates a three-year waiting period before individuals can seek expungement of misdemeanor convictions. The final decision on granting expungements rests with the judges, although prosecutors can voice objections to keeping the records intact. Mark McCloskey's request to have his misdemeanor wiped from his record has garnered media attention and continues to be a topic of debate.

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Link: APNews


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