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Lawsuit Over Atatiana Jefferson's Death Leads City Of Fort Worth To Propose $3.5 Million Settlement

The family of #AtatianaJefferson, a woman tragically killed by Fort Worth officer Aaron Dean during a 2019 welfare check, may find some solace as the city moves towards a $3.5 million settlement. Awaiting city council approval, the settlement is part of the lawsuit brought by Jefferson's family.

Jefferson's nephew Zion Carr will be the intended beneficiary of the settlement as he was present during the fatal incident. The proposed agreement plans to allocate a lump sum to a trust for Carr's immediate needs and establish a college savings fund that could cover up to eight years of education expenses. If Carr opts out of college, he will receive a lump sum along with periodic payments until he turns 40, potentially increasing based on interest.

Local activist Bob Ray Sanders acknowledged the importance of this step, although he believes it might not fully address the family's quest for justice.

"I don't know that that would satisfy all the family members who want more justice, if you could find it in this kind of situation, but it's a start," he said.

Sanders, a former co-chair of the Fort Worth task force on race and culture, emphasized the significance of acknowledging the city's accountability. He highlighted that the settlement, if accepted, serves as an admission of the city's error in the case.

District 8 representative Chris Nettles expressed the difficulty in reaching this point and underscored how Jefferson's tragic death motivated his entry into public office. He shared that while they can't undo the past, they aim to enhance the lives of those affected.

"Although we can't bring our loved one back, we certainly can make sure that life is better for those who are left behind," Nettles said.

The settlement only resolves a portion of the family's lawsuit against the city, with the estate claims remaining in litigation.

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