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Lawsuit Filed By Father & Son Claims Cops Hit One Of Them With Van & Beat Them 

In a recent lawsuit, Tevita Cadiente and his father, Vaokehekehe Mataele, have alleged that they were subjected to police brutality in Honolulu on New Year's Day. The incident occurred as they were observing the police pursuit of attempted murder suspect Sidney Tafokitau. The lawsuit claims that, as they were watching the police chase, plainclothes officers in an unmarked white Honda pulled up in front of them, pointing firearms at the unarmed father and son.

According to the complaint, Cadiente and Mataele had their hands up and were in slippers and barefoot at the time. A large black police van then allegedly ran Cadiente into a chain-link fence, and officers proceeded to pull him out from under the van and viciously beat him in the head. Cadiente sustained severe injuries, including a facial fracture, a concussion, orthopedic knee injuries, cognitive impairment, and vision loss.

The lawsuit also states that despite their pleas of innocence and the fact that they were not involved in the chase, the officers continued to beat Cadiente for several minutes. Mataele was allegedly held down and handcuffed, preventing him from protecting his son.

The Honolulu Police Department (HPD) declined to comment on the allegations due to pending litigation. The lawsuit sheds light on the details of Cadiente's injuries, which were not previously disclosed by HPD. The incident has raised concerns about police procedures and communication between officers during high-stress situations.

The Honolulu Police Commission has called for improved communication and transparency in such cases, emphasizing the importance of addressing serious allegations and ensuring accountability within the department. The lawsuit highlights the need for a thorough investigation into the incident and the actions of the officers involved.

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