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Lawsuit Alleges Man Was Handcuffed So Long That Hand Required Amputation

In February 2020, in Pinson, #Alabama, a disturbing incident involving Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies unfolded at Giovanni Loyola's home. Responding to a shots fired call, Deputies Christopher Godber and Ashanti McKinney encountered Loyola, who denied any involvement in the incident. Godber, alleging Loyola was drunk and resisting arrest, tightly handcuffed him without activating the double-lock mechanism, purportedly due to Loyola's resistance.

Despite Loyola's complaints about the tightness of the handcuffs, Godber ignored him. Loyola's subsequent hospitalization revealed severe hand injuries, leading to the amputation of his left hand. Loyola asserted that the tight handcuffing caused his injuries, which the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office disputed.

Filed in 2021, the lawsuit proceeded to federal court, where Judge Anna M. Manasco denied the Sheriff's Office's motion to dismiss the case in March 2023. The memorandum opinion highlighted Loyola's distress during the incident, where he expressed discomfort, yet Godber only loosened the restraints slightly. Loyola's medical condition worsened after his arrest, resulting in the eventual amputation.

The lawsuit further emphasized the deputies' negligence and indifference to Loyola's pleas for relief from the excessively tight handcuffs. Despite Loyola's suffering and the subsequent dropping of charges against him, the Sheriff's Office refused to acknowledge responsibility for his debilitating injuries.

The use of excessive force, as evidenced by Loyola's prolonged and tightly handcuffed detention, resulting in the traumatic amputation of his hand, highlights the urgent need for #abolitionnow. Loyola's experience is not an isolated incident but emblematic of the systemic violence and impunity inherent in policing institutions. 


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