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KYRC Podcast: Corporate Responsibility In Fighting For Justice With The Universal Music Group Task Force For Meaningful Change  | S3, E7

In today's episode of the KYRC Podcast, we delve into the transformative world of legal and social justice reforms with two formidable figures in the fight against racial inequality and police brutality. Our host, Nicole Martin, an attorney and the legal program director for the Know Your Rights Camp Autopsy Initiative, sits down with the remarkable Dr. Menna Demessie. Leading the charge at Universal Music Group, Dr. Demessie has been appointed Senior Vice President and Executive Director of the company's global Task Force for Meaningful Change (TFMC).

This insightful conversation illuminates the TFMC's origin, conceived in the wake of George Floyd's tragic murder. Dr. Demessie also expounds on the task force's mission to tackle racial injustice through multifaceted approaches, including philanthropy and pivotal criminal justice reforms.

Watch the episode here:

Listen to the full episode here:


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