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KYRC Autopsy Initiative X University of Southern California Agents of Change

Know Your Rights Camp’s Autopsy Initiative, in partnership with the University of Southern California-based program The Agents of Change Civil Rights Advocacy Initiative, spent the summer working to support families who have lost loved ones due to police-related deaths. The Agents of Change presents an immersive undergraduate civil rights clinic that seamlessly integrates civil rights advocacy with a structured curriculum for participating students.

Legal Program Director for KYRC Nicole Martin worked alongside interns Jaylah Wilson(Community Resources), Amy Nam(Development and Design ), Cynthia Chockalingam( Data Analysis), and Elsa Wallace(Outreach). The goal was to provide objectivity and transparency within the autopsy process to ensure families received timely and necessary information to aid in their grieving process and potential legal escalation.

During the collaboration, team members learned valuable skills and knowledge about civil rights advocacy, criminal justice issues, and the importance of equal access to resources for marginalized communities.

For more information on the KYRC Autopsy Initiative check out this link.


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