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Indianapolis Mayor Finds Fatal Police Shooting Video Of Gary Dwayne Harrell ‘Disturbing’

Joe Hogsett, the mayor of Indianapolis, discussed the recent fatal officer-involved shooting of Gary Dwayne Harrell with Police Department Chief Randal Taylor.

"We've had several conversations about it and obviously I reviewed it on my own," said Hogsett." It's very disturbing and I trust the process. I do think with our creation of a Use of Force policy and a Use of Force Review Board, those will be profound in terms of the public's reaction to holding people accountable who need to be held accountable."

Body camera footage was recently released showing an incident where Officer Douglas Correll shot 49-year-old Harrell as he fled a traffic stop with a handgun and cocaine. Harrell later died of the gunshot wound. Since the incident on August 3, the video has been released to the public.

Harrell's family emphasized that although Harrell had made a poor choice, it shouldn't have cost him his life. They pointed out that Correll had previously faced a lawsuit for false arrest and assault, resulting in a settlement paid by the city. An attorney for the Harrell family has taken on national civil rights attorney Ben Crump as co-counsel and indicates there may be a community event in the coming days.

Link: Fox59


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