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Immanueal Clark-Johnson's Family Plans On Suing The City Of Portland Over His Police Related Death

The family of Immanueal Clark-Johnson, who died in a police shooting in Portland last November, has signaled their intention to file a lawsuit against the city.

Clark-Johnson's family asserts that Immanueal was wrongly identified as an armed robbery suspect, leading to the fatal incident. The shooting took place after officers allegedly encountered a vehicle matching the suspect's description, with the driver reportedly driving recklessly. The encounter ended in gunfire, with Clark-Johnson succumbing to his injuries five days later.

Initially withholding the officer's identity due to doxing concerns, the Portland Police Bureau later identified the shooter as Christopher Sathoff, a four-year veteran of the force. A grand jury cleared Sathoff of criminal charges in connection with the incident.

However, the Oregon Justice Resource Center claims that Clark-Johnson was not involved in the robbery, and his vehicle was not the one the police had been seeking. Grand jury testimony also supported this assertion. The lawsuit alleges negligence, assault, battery, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment violations, and a Monell claim against the city, suggesting a pattern of excessive force by the police.

The family's legal representatives argue that the evidence points against the city and Officer Sathoff, and they call for a swift resolution in the interest of justice and community well-being. This tragic case underscores the urgent need for a comprehensive reevaluation of policing practices and the justice system in our communities.

We will continue to follow this story as our thoughts and prayers are with the Clark-Johnson Family.

Link: KGW


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