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Howard University Becomes First HBCU To Have A Figure Skating Team 

A groundbreaking moment unfolded as #HowardUniversity introduced its inaugural Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) figure skating team, marking a significant stride for sports representation. Originating from diverse backgrounds with a passion for skating, the athletes, mentored by the Largo-based nonprofit Diversify Ice, aim to inspire future generations of Black athletes.

Led by co-founders Maya James and Cheyenne Walker, the team embodies determination and advocacy, overcoming challenges to establish the program at Howard. With aspirations to expand this initiative across other HBCUs, they aspire to enhance diversity within figure skating, providing representation for marginalized communities.

Despite lacking a dedicated rink on campus, the team's commitment remains unwavering, practicing diligently at nearby facilities. Their journey, from grassroots recruitment to official recognition, symbolizes resilience and the power of collective ambition.

Preparation culminates in participation in intercollegiate tournaments, including their debut at the University of Delaware. Embracing their role as pioneers, these young women aspire to redefine narratives, transforming into unsung heroes within their university community.

The significance of Howard's pioneering status reverberates among the team, emphasizing the importance of inclusion and breaking barriers in traditionally exclusive spaces. Their journey epitomizes the transformative potential of perseverance and representation in sports, fostering a legacy of empowerment and inspiration for generations to come.

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Link: WJLA 


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