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Historic Black Gravesite Victim Of Illegal Dumping 

A Cumberland County family, descendants of historic Black landowners, are distressed over ongoing illegal dumping on their ancestral cemetery, where veterans and individuals born during slavery are laid to rest. Ken Slankard and his wife, descendants of the Hodges family, express anguish as trash accumulates near the sacred burial ground, impacting the fields and desecrating the cemetery. 

"They can take whatever trash they want, dump it back there, and no one will see them," Cheri Leach said, also a Hodges family member.

The family highlights their long-standing ownership and the cemetery's historical significance. Dumpers, they claim, are aware of the graveyard but disregard its sanctity, potentially driven by a desire to avoid dump fees. They demand action from Cumberland County officials, urging investment in sanitation facilities and enforcement against illegal dumping.  

"Some people don't care that there's a graveyard there...It's disgusting," said Leach.

Slankard plans to address the issue at an upcoming county commissioners meeting, criticizing their alleged neglect of rural concerns. The family seeks historic recognition for the cemetery. As of now, Cumberland County Commissioners have yet to issue an official response.

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Link: ABC11 


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