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Governor Jeff Landry Warns of Scholarship Consequences Following LSU Players' Absence During National Anthem 

The controversy surrounding LSU's Elite Eight loss to Iowa escalated when Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry criticized the team's absence during the national anthem, leading to a call for mandatory attendance or scholarship risks. Landry's reaction came after conservative commentators faulted LSU players and coaches for missing the anthem in Albany, New York. 

He emphasized respect for the national flag and service members over the game. LSU Head Coach Kim Mulkey clarified the absence wasn't a protest but part of their regular pregame routine, noting unawareness of the anthem's timing. The practice of teams being off-field during the anthem isn't uncommon in college sports, predating Colin Kaepernick's racial injustice protests.

Responses to the governor's proposal were skeptical, with officials highlighting enforcement challenges and the regents' lack of authority over scholarships. An LSU spokesperson stated that avoiding the anthem has been a longstanding practice for both men's and women's teams. The issue revisits past political tensions at LSU regarding anthem protests, with previous threats to funding over players kneeling like Kaepernick, countered by the team's standard practice of staying in the locker room during the anthem.

Link: Yahoo Sports 


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