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Georgia Police Officer Accused of Assaulting Black Woman During Detainment

The NAACP in Manchester is calling for the dismissal of Officer Donavan Scott-Sinclair after a video showed an altercation between him and Zykerria Bowles on June 10, 2024. The footage reveals Scott-Sinclair detaining another woman while Bowles watched and yelled at him. 

Following a verbal exchange, Scott-Sinclair threw Bowles to the ground, tussled with her, and used a Taser before another officer assisted in handcuffing her. Bowles, charged with obstruction, expressed fear for her life. Supported by the NAACP and city leaders, she spoke out, describing her feelings of hurt and violation.

“I was scared for my life out there, really,” Bowles said.

Channel 2 Action News revealed Scott-Sinclair’s troubling record: he was fired from Fort Valley Police Department in 2018, moved between agencies, and was placed on probation in 2019 for undisclosed reasons. In 2020, while working as a bar security guard, he was involved in an altercation where he shot and killed a man, leading to murder charges that were later dropped. Attempts to reach Scott-Sinclair and the police chief for comments were unsuccessful.

Manchester city officials, including City Manager Mark Pulliam and Mayor Mark Trimble, acknowledged the ongoing investigation and internal review. Trimble emphasized the need for change. Bowles, with significant public support, is determined to seek justice. Despite the controversy, Scott-Sinclair remains employed with the Manchester Police Department.

“[I got] a million people behind me that are going to stand for me and do right and get my justice,” Bowles told supporters.



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