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General Motors Expels Security Firm Personnel from Premises Amid Allegations of Racism and Abuse

General Motors (GM) has directed a private security police force accused of longstanding racism and abuse towards Black individuals at Detroit's Renaissance Center to remove implicated officers from its properties. These allegations, dating back to 2011, were brought to light in multiple federal lawsuits against the security firm, Renaissance Center Management Co. (RCMC), majority-owned by G4S Secure Solutions. GM, G4S, and RCMC are subjects of legal action. GM, the headquarters for which is situated in the Renaissance Center, is now reviewing its contract with RCMC and implementing racial sensitivity and de-escalation training for officers.

The security company, initially established by GM, was acquired by Allied Universal after G4S in April 2021. GM expressed "zero tolerance for harassment or discrimination" and confirmed that Allied Universal promptly removed officers from its Detroit properties, including the Renaissance Center and Factory ZERO Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center. Allied Universal, denouncing discrimination and excessive force, expressed shock and stated it is thoroughly investigating the allegations.

Renaissance Center Management Co. holds a state license as a private security police agency, granting its officers legal authority for weapons and misdemeanor arrests. The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards is conducting interviews and investigating potential licensing issues, though it lacks criminal investigation authority. Michigan State Police have initiated a separate probe into the conduct of officers at RCMC.

GM's decisive actions underscore its commitment to addressing alleged incidents of bias and excessive force within its properties, signaling a thorough examination of its association with the security firm.

We'll continue to follow this story for future updates.



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