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Formerly Incarcerated Woman with Terminal Breast Cancer Sues Prison System's Health Care Providers for Negligence

Formerly incarcerated Susie Annie Balfour, diagnosed with terminal #breastcancer, is suing former and current prison healthcare providers for negligence in diagnosing and treating her condition. The lawsuit, filed in federal court, alleges deliberate indifference by medical officials who failed to confirm her cancer until November 2021, despite years of suspicion. Balfour, who had numerous mammograms during her incarceration, alleges that medical providers neglected recommended follow-ups and delayed necessary tests.

The complaint accuses medical contractors of prioritizing cost-saving measures over patient care, leading to inadequate treatment. Balfour's cancer progressed to Stage 4, spreading to her lymph nodes and bones. The lawsuit also highlights hazardous working conditions for incarcerated individuals, including exposure to cancer-causing chemicals without protective gear.

With at least 15 other incarcerated individuals reportedly lacking proper cancer treatment, the lawsuit underscores broader issues within the prison healthcare system. Balfour seeks compensatory and punitive damages, aiming to hold responsible parties accountable and advocate for improved conditions for current and former inmates.

The case brings attention to systemic failures in prison healthcare, echoing previous scandals involving bribery and inadequate care. Balfour's pursuit of justice reflects not only her personal struggle but also the plight of others facing similar challenges behind bars.

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