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Former Officer Timothy Loehmann Who Killed Tamir Rice Hired By Police Department In West Virginia & Later Resigns

Timothy Loehmann has resigned from the White Sulphur Springs Police Department following news of his hiring there. Mayor Kathy Glover confirmed his resignation, stating that Loehmann was hired as a probationary officer and an at-will employee. No further comments were made on the employment matter. West Virginia NAACP President Loretta Young acknowledged community concerns about Loehmann's hiring, emphasizing the importance of community-led resolutions and the power of communities to hold elected officials accountable. Young noted the WVNAACP's support for the community's efforts in addressing this issue.

Loehmann shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice in 2014. In 2022, he briefly held a position in Tioga, Pennsylvania, before withdrawing his application.

Subodh Chandra, the attorney for Rice's family, criticized Loehmann's hiring, highlighting that Loehmann had been deemed mentally unfit for duty by the City of Independence, Ohio, and was fired from Cleveland for dishonesty. Chandra condemned White Sulphur Springs's police chief and officials for ignoring these issues, stating that Loehmann's continued presence in police torments Tamir Rice's family and betrays public trust. He emphasized that Loehmann is a Brady/Giglio cop due to his history of lying, making him unreliable in legal cases.

Chandra expressed his disgust at the officials' lack of integrity and urged White Sulphur Springs residents to condemn the police chief's poor judgment. He also criticized the local police for allegedly retaliating against those questioning Loehmann's hiring by suppressing their First Amendment rights, which he believes shows the officials' indifference to civil rights. Chandra suggested that legal action should be taken against White Sulphur Springs officials, calling for the city to face consequences for their decisions.

The attorney reflected on the tragic impact of Loehmann's actions, noting that Tamir Rice would have turned 22 this year. He argued that Loehmann should live his life in humility rather than continuing to seek employment in policing, describing Loehmann's persistence as pathological.

This incident serves as a call to action for communities everywhere to remain vigilant and proactive, ensuring their voices are heard and heeded in matters that affect public safety and trust.


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