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Former Cop Connected To Breonna Taylor Case Kelly Hanna Goodlett Also Involved With Investigation Over Police Throwing Drinks At Civilians 

A former #Louisville, #Kentucky, police officer, Kelly Hanna Goodlett, who was previously connected to the #BreonnaTaylor case, has now been linked to a scandal involving a unit of officers engaging in a series of pranks. These pranks, dating back to five years ago, involved police officers throwing drinks at random civilians in the town, as reported by local station WAVE.

In 2022, Goodlett pleaded guilty to conspiring to falsify an affidavit to obtain a search warrant for Breonna Taylor's home, where she was tragically killed by Louisville Metro Police officers during a botched raid in March 2020. Goodlett also admitted attempting to cover up the incident by lying to investigators.

It was recently revealed that Goodlett's supervisor, Sgt. Kevin Casper was aware of the drink-throwing incidents from August 2018 to September 2019 and was part of a group that shared videos of these acts. However, he failed to report the unethical behavior and faced disciplinary action, including a 30-day suspension without pay and demotion.

The police chief stated that Goodlett would have been fired over the drink-throwing assaults if she had not resigned after being charged by the Department of Justice in connection to the Breonna Taylor case. Other officers involved in the drink-throwing incidents received various levels of suspension, while former detectives Bryan Wilson and Curtis Flynn were sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to federal civil rights charges. Videos of the officers laughing as they splashed drinks at people have been made public and condemned by local officials.

Mayor Craig Greenberg expressed his gratitude that the officers responsible for the drink-throwing incidents were prosecuted by the Department of Justice, and he mentioned a complete turnover in the LMPD command staff since the incidents occurred, with the new chief taking action against officers who knew about the incidents but did not report them.

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