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Former Columbus, Ohio Police Officer Ricky Anderson Charged With Killing Black Man In His Bed

Ricky Anderson has been indicted on murder charges and reckless homicide for shooting 20-year-old Donovan Lewis in August while he was unarmed and in bed. Officers were executing a warrant to arrest Lewis on three separate charges including domestic violence, assault and improper handling of a firearm.

According to body camera footage, the encounter happened last September when the 30-year veteran of the Columbus PD opened fire almost immediately after police opened Lewis’ door as the victim was sleeping. Anderson had a total of 58 complaints against him over those years including use of force complaints and sexual harassment.

The family of Lewis filed a civil suit against Anderson and the four other officers involved in the raid last February. Lewis’ mother Rebecca Duran said she was grateful for the indictment but that she is trying to trust the legal process.

"As prosecutors pursue Mr. Anderson in the criminal case, we will continue to fight for justice and accountability in our civil case," the lawyers for Rebecca Duran said Friday. "Our hope is that no other parent has to bury their child as the result of a reckless act by a member of law enforcement."

Link: ABC7NY


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