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Family Of Leonard Cure Files Lawsuit For His Police Involved Death Following Exoneration 

The family of Leonard Cure, a man killed by a sheriff's deputy in #Georgia, has filed a federal lawsuit against the sheriff's office and the deputy. Cure, who was wrongfully incarcerated for armed robbery for 16 years before being exonerated, was shot during a traffic stop. The lawsuit alleges a violation of Cure's Fourth Amendment rights and seeks $16 million in damages, $1 million for each year he was imprisoned unjustly.

This incident involved Deputy Buck Aldridge, who had a history of excessive force documented in past instances. Despite this history, Aldridge faced no disciplinary action and was hired by the Camden County Sheriff's Office in 2018. The lawsuit holds Sheriff Jim Proctor accountable for overlooking Aldridge's record.

The confrontation during the traffic stop escalated to violence, with Cure being shot by the deputy at point-blank range. Cure's family asserts that his wrongful imprisonment likely contributed to the deadly outcome, possibly exacerbating mental health issues stemming from the trauma of incarceration.

The lawsuit seeks justice for Cure's death and aims to hold both the deputy and the sheriff's office accountable for their actions. The case highlights concerns about police misconduct and the need for accountability within police agencies.

Cure's tragic death during a routine traffic stop is another example of unchecked police misconduct and the failure to address officers with documented histories of excessive force. By seeking justice and accountability through legal action, Cure's family aims to challenge the impunity often enjoyed by police officers and hold authorities responsible for their actions.

We'll continue to follow this story as more information comes out.

Link: NBCNews


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