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Family Of Keagan Schweikle Awarded $32 Million Over His Police Involved Shooting Death

After eight years, new developments emerge regarding the shooting death of 17-year-old Keagan Schweikle in Benton, #Arkansas. A federal jury recently ruled in favor of Schweikle's family, awarding them $32 million in damages. 

In October 2016, during the incident, Keagan Schweikle fled into the woods close to his residence in Saline County. Promptly thereafter, Keagan Schweikle's mother contacted the authorities, expressing her concerns about his suicidal intentions. Responding to the call, Ellison and a small team of officers scoured the woods and located the teenager with a firearm aimed at his head. Instructed to relinquish the weapon, as Keagan Schweikle began to lower it, Ellison discharged his firearm, resulting in Keagan's fatality.

While the officer who shot Schweikle was cleared, the jury found the city and former police chief negligent in training and investigating the incident. 

Despite the painful trial process, Schweikle's family sees the verdict as a step towards justice and hopes it prompts positive change within the city's police practices.

"Unfortunately, the only way it's going to change is if they have to take it in the pocketbook," Dominic Schweikle said. "Slaps on the wrist don't do anything. It just doesn't work and must start from the inside out. I feel like the City of Benton has a chance to change and to be an example of why."

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