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Family Alleges That Police Ran Over & Killed 17-Year-Old Black Teen After Chase 

Kadarius Smith, a 17-year-old Black teen, tragically lost his life on March 21 after a police chase in Leland, Mississippi, ended with an officer allegedly running him over with a police cruiser. Attorney Ben Crump, representing Smith's family, highlighted the heartbreaking circumstances of Kadarius' death, emphasizing the need for accountability for the officers involved.

"The circumstances surrounding Kadarius' death are truly heartbreaking for his mother and loved ones. This tragedy should have never happened, and the officers involved must be held accountable. It is unconscionable that an officer would fatally run over a teenager who was running away from them," the lawyer said.

According to a witness, Smith was walking home early that morning when the police pursuit began. Photos shared by Crump show tire tracks in the mud, purportedly from the cruiser that hit Smith, with allegations that tire marks were found on the teen's back. Despite these claims, the Leland Police Department has not commented on the incident, and the officer allegedly involved remains on duty. 

"We demand that the officer who was driving the cruiser be immediately terminated and that the unedited video footage is released to the family," Crump said in Wednesday's statement. "Kadarius' family deserves accountability and answers as to how and why he was killed by an officer in such an inhumane way."


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