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Jeremy Gibson Sentenced To 14 Months in Prison For 2018 Assault On Manny Montero

Former Muncie, Indiana police officer has been sentenced to 14 months in prison and two years of supervised release for using excessive force on suspect Manny Montero in 2018 and writing a false report to cover up the incident. Sentencing took place after Gibson pleaded guilty to two felony charges related to the excess force and cover-up which deprived the arrestee of their rights.

The incident occurred when Gibson and other officers assaulted Manny Montero during a traffic stop. Montero was pulled over for a missing headlight. Despite the victim complying with commands to step out of the vehicle, officers reportedly began assaulting him, causing severe injuries. Though Gibson admitted to striking Montero with his fist and knee, he omitted other crucial details from the incident report.

Alongside his prison sentence, Gibson was ordered to pay an undisclosed restitution to Montero. While Gibson's lawyer argued for home confinement, probation, and community service instead of prison, the court took into account Gibson's guilty plea and acceptance of responsibility.

Link: WRTV


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