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Elizabeth Francis Is The Oldest Living American At Age 114

Elizabeth Francis, a 114-year-old resident of #Houston, has become the oldest living person in the #UnitedStates, as confirmed by LongeviQuest, a longevity tracking organization. Following the passing of Edie Ceccarelli at age 116, Francis now holds the title, living to the remarkable age of 114 years and 217 days. Not only is she the oldest living American but also ranks as the fifth oldest person globally.

Born on July 25, 1909, Francis has witnessed significant historical events, including two World Wars and various pandemics. She attributes her longevity to her faith, expressing gratitude for God's blessings. Despite facing some memory issues and being bedridden, she remains mentally sharp and cherishes her family.

Living with her 94-year-old daughter, Dorothy Williams, Francis maintains a simple lifestyle, prioritizing social connections, healthy eating, and faith. She never smoked or drank alcohol and stayed physically active until her early 90s.

Elizabeth Francis's family has a history of longevity, with one of her sisters living to 106 and her father reaching 99. Despite her advanced age, she continues to impart wisdom, emphasizing the importance of kindness and love to everyone.

"It's not my secret. It's the good Lord's good blessing," Francis said an interview in August 2023. "I just thank God I'm here."

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Link: NBCNews 


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