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East Cleveland Police Officers Alfonzo Cole & Willie Sims Plead Guilty To Robbing Drivers

Two East Cleveland police officers plead guilty to a year of robberies starting in 2020. Both Alfonzo Cole and Willie Sims were charged with individual incidents and crimes done together.

The two were both caught after both stole $4,000 from a 21-year-old at a gas station during a traffic stop. Once the victim reported the theft to the police department an investigation was started by Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department through a search warrant.

During the search of Cole’s house, money, guns and suspected marijuana edibles from previous traffic stops were found. Cole was charged with six crimes including four counts of Aggravated Robbery, Grand Theft and Tampering With Records. Meanwhile, Sims was charged for crimes including Aggravated Robbery, Theft and Theft In Office.

East Cleveland police have faced many controversies this year. According to reports in May this year, 17 current and former police officers in the department were indicted on criminal charges over the last nine months. This includes Commander Larry McDonald and Sergeant Anthony Holmes being charged with tampering with evidence and telecommunications fraud for an incident that took place last March.


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