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Dover, Delaware Arrest Leads To Head Injury Sustained By Michael Jarrett & Further Strains Relations

In the decade following a Dover, Delaware police officer's violent assault on a suspect that was caught on video, relationships between the department and local citizens remain strained.

The catalyst was the arrest of 50-year-old man Michael Jarrett who sustained a skull fracture and injuries during an encounter with an officer. Accusations of police brutality have arisen, with religious leaders conducting a prayer vigil for the injured Jarrett. While the police chief asserts that the officer acted appropriately, community leaders like Rev. Rita Paige suspect excessive force.

The incident threatens the trust built between the police and the community, and calls for the release of body camera footage have emerged. The mayor supports dual investigations by the internal department and the state attorney general's Office of Civil Rights and Public Trust to ensure transparency. The police chief emphasizes the need for patience during the investigations.

This incident echoes a similar controversy in 2013 when an officer broke a man's jaw, leading to a lawsuit settlement. The current mayor assures the public that the police force aims to operate transparently and gain community confidence. The situation underscores the delicate balance between police accountability, community relations, and the ongoing challenges in fostering trust between law enforcement and residents.

Link: WHYY


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