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Donald Armstrong Left Paralyzed By Police During Mental Health Episode 

Donald Armstrong, a 47-year-old man from Miami, was left paralyzed after a police encounter during a mental health crisis, leading to charges against him of aggravated assault on an officer and resisting arrest without violence.

“First of all, it goes without saying what happened in that video is unconscionable,” said Crump. “She only wanted to get him help. She did not expect for him to get six bullets in his torso.”

His attorneys, Ben Crump and Larry Handfield, alongside his family, have called for the charges to be dropped following his arraignment. The incident occurred on March 7, when Armstrong was tased twice and shot six times by Miami Police, causing public outrage and calls for justice. Video evidence from bystanders showed Armstrong, allegedly holding a screwdriver before proving he was unarmed, yet still faced excessive police force. 

“I just called the police to get him some help. I need y’all just to pray for him please,” said Denise Armstrong, Donald’s mother. “Do that for me, please, Lord.”

Crump and Handfield criticized the police actions as excessive and indicative of a cover-up for reckless conduct. Armstrong now suffers from paralysis and is detained in a jail medical ward. His legal team and family advocate for his release and recovery at home, not ruling out a lawsuit. 

We'll continue to follow this story for updates as our thoughts are with the Armstrong family.

Link: WSVN


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