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Desmond Mills Jr. Will Change His Plea To Guilty Over His Involvement In The Death Of Tyre Nichols

Former #Memphis #police officer Desmond Mills Jr., one of the five charged in the death of Black motorist #TyreNichols, seeks to change his not guilty plea in a federal civil rights case. Nichols, 29, died three days after a brutal encounter with the officers. The officers, all Black, face charges including excessive force, deliberate indifference, and witness tampering.

The incident, captured on police video, revealed a disturbing scene where Nichols was kicked, punched, pepper-sprayed, and struck with a baton. Officers restrained him to allow punches and disregarded his pleas, while alleging Nichols had been driving erratically and evaded arrest.

Mills' plea change might impact the state case against him, suggesting a possible agreement with the federal government. His defense attorney did not comment on potential cooperation against other defendants. Meanwhile, a federal civil suit has been filed by civil rights lawyer #BenCrump on behalf of Nichols' family.

Body cam video footage depicts a jarring sequence starting with a tense traffic stop. Police approach Mr. Nichols aggressively, using force to extract him from his car despite his protestations of innocence. Nichols appears compliant on the ground, yet officers restrain him and use pepper spray and a Taser, prompting him to flee. The pursuit leads to a suburban area where officers brutally beat Nichols, kicking him while he's down and striking him with a baton.

The excessive force continues near his home. This disturbing video captures a traffic stop escalating into severe police brutality, resulting in a prolonged, violent altercation, highlighting concerning and excessive use of force by law enforcement.

This case prompted the Memphis Police Department to fire two officers, suspend three, and prompt the retirement of another facing termination. Additionally, four Memphis Fire Department employees were disciplined for inadequate medical care for Nichols, who sat handcuffed against a patrol car.

We will continue to follow this case as new developments come up.

Link: Reuters


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