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Deputy Christopher Bingham Faces Multiple Charges For Crimes Committed With Local Motorcycle Gang

Christopher Bingham, a deputy in San Bernardino County and a gun store owner, faces charges for leading a double life involving criminal activities with a local motorcycle gang. Bingham, 45, is accused of firearms crimes, including stealing a shotgun from the Sheriff's Department. Investigators found 160 firearms at his home, some illegal, during a months-long investigation. 

Arrested and held on $500,000 bail, Bingham's actions have been condemned by Sheriff Shannon Dicus, emphasizing zero tolerance for criminal behavior within the department. The investigation into Bingham, which began in January, revealed his association with the gang. Bingham's arrest in March during a traffic stop with gang members led to the discovery of numerous weapons, including a machine gun, silencer and a grenade launcher, at his residence. 

Charged with 10 felonies, including possession of illegal firearms and participation in a criminal gang, Bingham's gun store, O'Three Tactical, closed in 2021 amid financial struggles. Past incidents include court allegations of unpaid bills and a connection to a double homicide trial in 2019, where Bingham testified about selling a weapon to the accused.

Link: LA Times


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