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City Agrees To Settle With Family Of Johnny Hollman For Nearly $4 Million After He's Killed By Police

In Atlanta, a settlement has been reached between the city and the family of Johnny Hollman, a deacon whose death followed a controversial incident involving a Taser during a traffic citation dispute. The Atlanta City Council unanimously approved the $3.8 million settlement, aimed at moving forward from the tragedy that sparked protests and demands for greater transparency.

"So, while the chief, city council, and the mayor's hands were not on that taser, their fingerprints were all over it," said family attorney Mawuli Davis.

The incident, which occurred in August 2023, led to significant public and legal repercussions, including the dismissal of the officer involved and lawsuits against him, the police chief, and the city. The prolonged delay in the release of body camera footage fueled further outcry and legal actions from the Hollman family.

Family attorney Mawuli Davis highlighted the broader responsibility of city officials in the incident, despite their direct involvement. The settlement was described by former DeKalb County district attorney Robert James as reflective of both financial risks and potential damage to the city's reputation.

"There are two types of revenue that we are talking about here for cities. There is the one in dollars and cents, and there is the other that is reputational," said James.

In response to the settlement, Mayor Andre Dickens emphasized his commitment to helping the Hollman family achieve closure while acknowledging that the compensation cannot reverse the tragedy. The city has also initiated several policy changes, including more lenient handling of traffic citations, the introduction of a civilian response unit for low-risk calls, and revised protocols for releasing body camera footage.

The Hollman family, while accepting the settlement as part of their continued fight for justice, vowed to keep pushing for accountability for those responsible for Johnny Hollman's death.



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