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Chinese American Family Donates $5 Million To Black Community After Black Family Rented To Them When Nobody Would

In 1939, amidst racially restrictive housing laws in Coronado, #California, the Dong family, facing discrimination, found refuge in the generosity of Emma and Gus Thompson, who allowed them to rent and eventually purchase a property when no one else would. 

In a gesture of gratitude, the Dong family plans to donate $5 million to support Black college students, using proceeds from the sale of the Thompsons' former property. Additionally, they aim to have San Diego State University's Black Resource Center named after the Thompsons.

The Dong family's roots in California date back to the late 19th century, with Lloyd Dong Sr. working diligently to provide opportunities for his children. The story highlights the enduring impact of one family's act of kindness towards another amid racial discrimination and restrictive housing covenants.

As debates on reparations continue, the Dong family's decision to give back to the Black community is a beautiful example of honoring past sacrifices and advocating for social justice. Their donation coincides with California lawmakers' efforts to address the state's legacy of racial discrimination through reparations bills.

Ultimately, the Dong family's decision reflects a spirit of defiance against racism and a commitment to promoting unity and equality in society.

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Link: NBCNews 


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