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Buck Aldridge Had Been Fired As A Police Officer For Unnecessary Force Before Killing Leonard Cure

Recently, Leonard Allan Cure, a man previously exonerated after 16 years of wrongful imprisonment, was fatally shot by Camden County Sheriff's Deputy Buck Aldridge during a traffic stop. Surveillance footage shows Aldridge's aggressive approach and a confrontation that ended in tragedy. However, Aldridge's employment history reveals prior issues with excessive force during traffic stops. Despite his past, he was rehired by another department.

"From what you can see on the video, it doesn't seem to me that this will be the type of call or the nature of the event that would require for an officer to tase the suspect," Criminologist Alex del Carmen told News 4. "If the officer has in fact, a history, that he has been using force in the past, and he's been disciplined in the past, to the extent of being fired, then the police department has a very serious problem in their hands right now."

The Camden County District Attorney's Office has yet to determine what actions will be taken against Aldridge, pending a full investigation.

Link: NewsOne


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