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Black Women File Federal Lawsuit Against Kansas City Police Chiefs & Detectives Over Violence

In a federal lawsuit filed last Friday, five Black women accused several police chiefs, detectives, and the local government in Kansas City, Kansas of enabling a culture of unchecked abuse against the Black community for decades. Four of the plaintiffs claim they were raped by former detective Roger Golubski, who is already facing charges related to sex trafficking. The lawsuit alleges a pattern of misconduct, including stalking, assault, rape, harassment, framing, and threats by State agents using their badges as licenses to abuse Black citizens.

This suit specifically targets the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City for allegedly providing a "protection racket" for the accused officers. Defendants include former police chiefs and detectives, with Golubski being a central figure in the allegations. The lawsuit draws parallels between the police department's actions and the Jim Crow era, describing the accused officers as "dirty cops" who exploited Black women with government-sanctioned power and terrorism to silence and intimidate.

Golubski, a retired homicide detective, faces accusations dating back to the early '90s, including rape, kidnapping, collaboration with drug dealers for a sex trafficking ring, and wrongfully convicting Black men. The lawsuit also references a case where Golubski allegedly framed a 16-year-old, leading to a 23-year prison sentence; the teen was exonerated in 2022 with a $12.5 million settlement.

This case draws attention to a concerning trend, echoing recent cases of abuse by police officers in Mississippi called the Goon Squad. Golubski, who pleaded not guilty, is currently under house arrest, having been hospitalized for health concerns.

Link: NewsOne


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