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Black Woman Stabbed On Public Bus Over Her Race 

In Kent, #Washington, a man was apprehended for committing a hate crime and aggravated assault following an incident where an unidentified woman was stabbed multiple times. The suspect, who had his initial court appearance in King County, is detained on a $250,000 bail, awaiting formal charges. 

The attack occurred on a Thursday night, beginning on a King County Metro Bus where the assailant targeted the victim with derogatory names, spit at her, and made racist remarks.

Feeling threatened, the woman sought help from the bus driver, but the assailant physically assaulted her, dragging her off the bus to then punch and stab her multiple times. Fortunately, her bulky jacket mitigated serious injuries. An accomplice of the assailant was also apprehended for obstruction after both fled the scene but were later found by the police.

Casey McNerthney from the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office condemned the alarming frequency of hate crimes and highlighted the critical issue of underreporting, despite a recent downturn in cases presented to prosecutors. The prosecutors are actively seeking additional information from police to proceed with the appropriate charges, pushing their unwavering commitment to combating these acts of hate.

We'll continue to follow this story as more information comes out.

Link: King5


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