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Black Man Pistol-Whipped & Strangled By Officer Testifies That He Feared For His Life

During the 2021 arrest in Aurora, Colorado, former officer John Haubert's trial began with allegations of using excessive force against Kyle Vinson, a Black man. The prosecution described Haubert pointing his gun at Vinson, striking him with the weapon, and choking him for 39 seconds. 

"You can see the fear on his face," Jade Hoisington told jurors.

Body camera footage and photos showing Vinson's injuries were presented to the jurors. Vinson testified, expressing his fear during the arrest and clarifying he didn't attempt to seize Haubert's gun, contrary to the defense's claim. The defense argued Haubert acted within his rights, suggesting Vinson resisted arrest. 

The incident has reignited concerns over police conduct in Aurora, especially following the scrutiny after Elijah McClain's death in 2019. Haubert resigned amid the investigation, and his trial follows the convictions of other Aurora public safety personnel involved in McClain's case. Vinson, who is currently serving time for a different case, was hospitalized for injuries sustained during the arrest. 

"I don't like reliving it a lot. Usually I feel like people who are in this situation, with police brutality, are dead," Vinson said. 

As the trial of former officer John Haubert unfolds, the harrowing testimony of Kyle Vinson sheds light on the ongoing epidemic of police violence against Black individuals. This case is not an isolated incident but rather another instance of the systemic racism and unchecked power within policing that disproportionately targets Black lives. 

Link: Denver 7


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