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Black Man Forcefully Arrested While Holding Baby At Applebee’s By Kenosha Police

Many civil rights activists in Kenosha,Wisconsin are speaking out following the release of a video shared throughout social media showing a Black man being attacked by a police officer while holding a child.

Police were initially looking for two Black males and one Black female who fled on foot toward an Applebee’s after a serious hit and run. Witnesses to the hit and run said that the female was carrying a child. An employee told law enforcement that “suspicious people” had come into the restaurant and directed them to the man attacked in the video.

Meanwhile, police later found the suspects of the actual crime in the Applebee’s bathroom.

Though the unidentified man was not charged for the hit and run, police charged the man with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstructing an officer in addition to the female receiving the same charges alongside possession of marijuana.

Executive director of Leaders of Kenosha Tanya McLean said the charges against the innocent man were ridiculous. "A complete lack of disregard for people that don't look like you, that don't have that uniform on," she said. "What is it that just frightens you? Because we know that when people are fearful they act in irrational ways. So what is that you are so afraid of?"

Link: JS Online


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