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Black Family Held At Gunpoint By Law Enforcement Over Identification Error

A Black family including a husband, wife and two young boys were held at gunpoint by Frisco, Texas law enforcement in mid-July over a typo. Captured on multiple officer’ body cameras, police mistakenly believed the car was stolen due to the family’s license being thought to be from Arizona rather than their home state of Arkansas.

During the incident, an officer forced one of the children to walk backwards from the car with his hands raised as one officer pointed a gun at him alongside his mother. Another body cam shows an officer pointing his car toward the husband and nephew inside the car.

In the body cam video, the female officer admits to the family her error saying “It looks like I made a mistake. So I ran it ‘AZ’ for Arizona instead of ‘AR’ and that’s what happened.” Later, the officer tells the mother “This is all my fault. I apologize for this. I know it was very traumatic for you and your nephew and your son. And like I said, it’s on me. There are consequences that come with that.”

The unidentified husband eventually becomes emotional and says: “It could’ve went all wrong for us though. If I wouldn’t went to reach for my phone, we could’ve all got killed.”

Frisco Police Chief David Shilson said in a recent statement that the department “made a mistake” and “will not hide from its mistakes.”

Source: ABC News


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