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Attorney For Ahmaud Arbery's Family Maintains That His Murder Was Motivated By Hate

Ahmaud Arbery, a Black man, was fatally shot in a racially motivated attack while jogging in a Georgia neighborhood in February 2020. His murder sparked nationwide outrage and calls for justice. After a lengthy trial, his killers, three white men, were convicted of murder and hate crimes, receiving life sentences in prison. 

Despite their conviction, they are appealing the hate crime charges, claiming race wasn't a factor. Arbery's case, alongside others like #BreonnaTaylor and #GeorgeFloyd, highlights systemic issues of racial violence and injustice in the legal system. 

"We anticipated the appeal from the moment that we secured a conviction," Lee Merritt, the attorney for Arbery's mother, told the Atlanta Black Star. "We don't believe there's any legal basis. If by some miracle, the court granted them a new trial on the federal hate crime charges, they're still facing life for the equivalent on the state charges."

While some see these convictions as progress, others argue it's indicative of deeper systemic problems. Arbery's case serves as a reminder that racial violence persists, necessitating continued efforts to address systemic racism and reform the justice system.

"There are a lot of families who have stories that you never hear about – stories of racial violence, stories of police violence, stories of prosecutorial misconduct. Because the system is designed to produce that kind of outcome over and over again, cases like Ahmaud will unfortunately continue to happen," Merritt said.

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