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Attorney Alleges That Police Officer Mark McNamara Threatened To Shoot Lawyers In Brutality Case

According to attorney Adante Pointer, San Jose, California police officer Mark McNamara sent messages threatening him over a brutality case. The officer, who was no longer employed following an internal investigation, had sent racially charged and threatening texts. Pointer represents K’Aun Green, who was shot by McNamara in 2022, revealing a sequence of messages where McNamara repeatedly used racial slurs, threatened Green's attorneys, and expressed derogatory and violent intentions.

The texts disclosed by San Jose Police Chief Anthony Mata unveiled McNamara's racial bias, including statements such as "I hate black people" and explicit threats to shoot the lawyers representing Green. McNamara's messages showcased disturbing language, indicating a deeply ingrained racial animosity, suggesting he should not wield authority or a weapon due to his prejudiced beliefs.

Green, a college quarterback, was injured in the shooting, which occurred when he disarmed a gunman in a restaurant. The lawsuit against the city highlighted the unjustified shooting, indicating Green's innocence and the severe injuries he sustained. However, surveillance footage indicated a chaotic altercation, where a gun changed hands multiple times, ultimately leading to police intervention.

Pointer's revelation of McNamara's threatening messages paints a concerning picture of prejudice within law enforcement, advocating for accountability and challenging the privilege of individuals with such ingrained biases to carry weapons and hold authoritative positions.

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