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At 16-Years-Old, Shania Shakura Muhammad Is The Youngest Full-Time Salaried Teacher

Shania Shakura Muhammad has achieved extraordinary educational milestones for her age. Graduating from both Oklahoma Community College and Langston University with honors at just 14-years old, she now holds three college degrees including one in early child development.

Despite her youth, Muhammad's accomplishments don't stop there. She's currently pursuing an MBA. Expressing her gratitude on Facebook, she shared her disbelief at achieving her third degree at age 15 and even walked the stage with her older siblings. Muhammad's determination is evident in her commitment to education, as she has already started her MBA program with a flawless 4.0 GPA.

Muhammad's father Elijah also revealed that she completed a two-year professional development training program for teachers through the Thurgood Marshall Foundation. At 16 years old, Shania has embraced her passion for teaching by taking on the role of a third-grade teacher in her hometown of Oklahoma City.

"Beyond Her Long Resume and Professional Accolades, She Has A True Desire and Passion For Teaching!!! People Will Always Have Criticism And Negative Things To Say, but We Are Use To It and Not One Negative Comment has Slowed Down Our Family's History Making Progress. I'm Super Proud Of My Daughter For Being Bold And Brave and Stepping Out On Her Faith and Into Her Purpose and Not Allowing Peoples Opinions Of Her To Dictate The Reality of Her Dreams and Passions," her father wrote on Facebook.


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