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Associated Press Report Shows How A Secondary Autopsy Disproved Police's Initial Accounts Of Jameek Lowery's Death

Jameek Lowery's tragic death in Paterson, New Jersey, sparked controversy and community outrage, highlighting ongoing racial tensions with the city's police force, according to an Associated Press special report. Lowery, experiencing a mental health crisis, pleaded for help at a police station, live-streaming his distress on social media. Despite his pleas, Lowery was forcefully restrained and punched by officers, dying two days later.

His death, attributed to cardiac arrest and kidney failure, led to widespread protests and demands for justice. While officials initially claimed Lowery's demise was due to a medical event, a second autopsy conducted by Dr. Michael Baden revealed evidence of blunt force trauma and choking inflicted by police. The incident highlighted broader issues of police brutality and systemic racism, prompting calls for change within the Paterson Police Department.

An external audit displayed significant community distrust and disparities in police encounters, particularly affecting Black residents. However, skepticism remains regarding the department's willingness to enact meaningful change. Lowery's family continues to seek accountability, while activists advocate for systemic change and challenge the entrenched culture of impunity within the police. Amid ongoing struggles for justice, Lowery's memory remains a poignant symbol of the urgent need for police accountability and racial equity in America.

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Link:  AP News


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