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AP African American Studies Course Rejected By School Board 

The Harford County Board of Education voted 5-4 against continuing the AP African American Studies course in its current form, citing a need to reexamine the curriculum. The decision on June 24 halted plans to expand the course to three more schools, despite 90 students enrolling for the next school year. Board member Terri Kocher opposed the course, expressing concern over negative messages.

In contrast, Carol Bruce supported the class, arguing it addresses historical imbalances and promotes inclusivity. Superintendent Dr. Sean Bulson emphasized the course's importance in providing a comprehensive and authentic portrayal of American history, noting its significance for students, particularly those identifying as non-white.

Dr. Carol Mueller, who voted in favor, highlighted the potential benefits for African-American students in preparing for college. Board member Lauren Paige Strauss, however, worried about the curriculum's divisiveness. Following the vote, Dr. Paula Stanton held a virtual meeting with students who were disappointed and frustrated by the decision, emphasizing the course's unique depth compared to traditional history classes. Students stressed the importance of learning comprehensive historical facts, including the uncomfortable ones, to become better citizens.

The course, which piloted at nearly 700 schools across more than 40 states and the District of Columbia during the 2023-24 academic year, saw significant student interest. The next Board of Education meeting is scheduled for July 15, where the topic may be revisited.

Link: WMAR2News


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